Travel software for small travel agencies

Smart, simple, and easy travel system

Mini Travel - A system for freelancers and small travel agencies

Most of the travel systems in the industry provide solutions for medium to large agencies, with almost no reference to the activities of freelancers and small travel agents. To this end, we have created Mini Travel system that addresses the simple needs of small agencies while keeping low costs and providing efficient and convenient solutions.

  • Solution for all types of tourism - outbound, inbound, and local
  • Control and monitoring of reservations and passengers
  • Generating financial statements for oniline status

Although the system allows tracking of vouchers, customer receipts, suppliers invoices and more, it does not issue financial documents

Ease and simplicity

One of the main goals of Mini Travel system is to provide simple and easy to operate software for travel agents

Cost per use

No installation required - the system install in the cloud and allows each agent to manage its activities individually and according to its needs

Languages & currencies support

The Mini Travel system supports multiple languages, including aligning the screens to the right, and enables the management of a large number of coins while separating buying and selling

Track order status

Mini Travel makes allow to monitor the operational and financial status of bookings so that the travel agent will not be exposed to faults on the part of the suppliers, on one hand, and to monitoring the payments debit from customers, on the other hand


Strengths tourism system

Products management

Managing orders from customers and suppliers with a any kind of services while managing commissions from suppliers

Passenger / guests management

Track the payment status of all customers (individuals / groups), and organizations

Multi-currency management

Multi-currency management while separating buying and selling currencies, including performing exchange rates for comparison purposes

Control and monitoring

issue operational and financial reports for managing and monitoring orders and finances progress

Vouchers and travel itinerary

Automatic issue vouchers for suppliers and itinerary / travel plan for customers

Digital confirmation and payments

Digital signature on order details and conditions with the option to debit credit cards at a dedicated link

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